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Wards Pasture


Wards Pasture

Wards Pasture: In 1998 neighbors and homeowners in Green Hill Beach, Rhode Island organized to preserve Ward’s Pasture by purchasing these gorgeous seaside meadows and donating them to the South Kingstown Land Trust. Their commitment was to prevent development and preserve in perpetuity the beautiful tract of land that abuts Trustom Pond Reservation and borders the close knit community of Green Hill Beach. This Wards Pasture Rock Report is intended to highlight and celebrate the efforts of these committed individuals. So to them, we say THANK YOU!

This model of preservation has been replicated by others in South County Rhode Island, and herculean efforts such as these help save and preserve the rural character of these precious parts of our beautiful Rhode Island. No matter where you live, reach out to support those organizations in your area that support the preservation of open land for all to enjoy.

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