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Thanksgiving Table Ideas


Thanksgiving Table Ideas

Cool Evenings, Dim Days & Leaves Down

We’ve all turned the heat up by this calendar date. So, let’s embrace the season together. Pull out the cozy throw & grab your slippers & let’s talk Thanksgiving table ideas!

I grew up outside Toronto. For holidays, my family headed north to a family cottage. Collecting leaves, acorns, pinecones & branches to adorn our escape house for celebrations is a favorite memory. Back at home things were a bit fussier. But at the cottage, we were encouraged to be creative. We had no budget, but plenty of zeal. We’d head out into nature to forage for cheerful folly to adorn our holiday mood.

No matter where you celebrate the holidays, here are some Thanksgiving table ideas you might want to consider:

How to Set a Holiday Table without going to Michael’s or A.C.Moore

Let nature inspire your every move. After all, this is what the Pilgrims did, right? Before the china and silver hit the table, establish a foundation of texture by layering your table with neutral table clothes, burlap runners, or a combination of both.

Visit your local hardware or paint store. Pick up a few extra large drop cloths. Give them a tumble in the wash and dry cycle when you get home and these spiritless fabrics turn into canvas gems that can accommodate a range of table sizes. The light sand color and texture of this fabric, and the way it mirrors nature, makes them a perfect choice for a natural thanksgiving table scape.


You can easily create a holiday centerpiece from nature. First, choose your vessel, such as a large glass bowl, garden pot, wine box or candelabra. Take a look in your basement, attic or garage and you’re guaranteed to have many selections.

Next, take a gathering basket and your clippers & go for a walk. Collect acorns, berries, small cedar branches, bittersweet ~ you name it! Simply gather what you’re drawn too. If you don’t use it, toss it in the mulch pile.

When you get home, set up a flat surface inside or out, depending on the temperature. Here is when I play. Twine, string or some art wire can help at this stage as you anchor things to your vessel.Gathered Plumes

Start by filling small metal pails or old wooden salad bowls with the branches, berries, and pinecones. Soon you’ll be on your creative path of arranging.

Illumination Makes Everything Look Special

I set my arrangements around the house where they bring natural fragrance & cheer to my home. Often I dig into my Christmas boxes early and pull out a package or two of tiny white battery operated string lights to illuminate my artful arrangements, whether that be on a mantle, a holiday table, or a low lying coffee table.

If you love color like me, cut apple & orange slices to dry out in the sun or in your convection oven. Scatter them on a holiday table with extra acorns and branches.

For table favors, adorn each guest’s plate with a cedar sprig or tiny pumpkin. The point is to have fun & don’t overthink things. The more relaxed you are as a host, the happier and more relaxed your guests will be, I guarantee it!

Liz’d Benjamin Moore Selections for a Fall Color Palette

Should autumn colors be your personal favorite, bring them into your home decor in paints and fabrics throughout the year using this color palette as your guide:

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Green Hill!


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