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South Kingstown Sculpture Trail


Visiting South Kingstown Sculpture Park

Residents and visitors to Green Hill Beach can now access a modern, contemporary art experience nearly steps from the beach. As James Parsaie exclaims in his tour of the South Kingstown Sculpture Trail, Who Doesn’t Love Art? Indeed.

From the Green Hill area, walk or bike or drive to the corner of Green Hill Beach Road and Matunuck Schoolhouse Road. On the Green Hill Beach Road side of the intersection you will see an opening in the brush, and that is the trail’s unassuming entrance.  As you enter, pick up a trail map in the metal black box to your left, and you’ve got all you need to traverse along this path of whimsey and intrigue.

A Bobble Head Cow to a Giant Size Dream Catcher & More!

You’ll stumble across sculptures ranging from a sparkling necklace web in the sky, to a bobble head cow, to the biggest dream catcher you’ve ever seen. You’ll have to stop and ask yourself what you think of the spectacle of a huddled person in a birds nest, in a cage, hanging from a tree. Rather than macabre, it instead alerts. As you walk along the trail, each member of your party will ponder the message each artist sends with their piece. No matter your opinion of modern sculpture art, a walk along the trail is a fun exercise in animated conversation with your family and friends. Or perhaps a meditative stroll all for yourself!

Contemporary Art Makes it to the Beach

The sculpture park was built on a 22-acre parcel of land owned by the South Kingstown Land Trust [SKLT] in 2014. Here is a modified excerpt from the newsletter of the SKLT that describes the property:

The land on which the South Kingstown Sculpture Park is built offers lush beauty, nurtured by a cold-water brook that flows down from Factory Pond to Green Hill Pond and the ocean. Much of the eastern part of the property is shrub swamp. Along the western side lie about three acres of level upland with well spaced trees and shade-tolerant grasses left over from former meadowland. Neighbors and friends of the property imagined a place where the natural beauty would blend with nature inspired art. SKLT member Troy West, a Green Hill artist and architect, gathered a group of artists who contributed to the sculpture trail that winds along the west side of the property.

South Kingstown Sculpture Park, located at the corner of Matunuck Schoolhouse Road and Green Hill Beach Road in South Kingstown, Rhode Island features more than 20 original pieces of sculpture art donated by artisans. It opened in 2014 and is an easy .4 mile flat loop stroll for families of all ages. Support the SKLT Today and you support not just land preservation but art!

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