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Sheldon Whitehouse


Sheldon Whitehouse

Sheldon Whitehouse Speaks at 14th Annual Land & Water Conference

On Saturday March 11, 2017 I had the opportunity to attend the Land & Water Conservation Summit at University of Rhode Island. As a new board member of the Salt Ponds Coalition, I attended to learn as much as I could about the many Rhode Island grassroots organizations that play a central role in protecting Rhode Island’s waterway’s, open spaces, farms and historic vistas.

Highlights from Senator Whitehouse’s remarks:

  • Despite what Rhode Islanders see on the evening news, Senator Whitehouse shared evidence of “good sense” in the Senate & reports that much of what we are fed is political theater around proposed, but unlikely to be implemented policy.
  • He suggested that this is a time where all Rhode Islanders should be active on those causes that matter to them most. And, that even though the White House has been occupied by “Climate Change Deniers”, he sees a chance for productive advocacy and diplomacy to align.
  • Senator Sheldon Whitehouse passionately remarked, “Let Us Not Forget Our Oceans.” He shared a factoid that was compelling: If it were not for our oceans, we would be fighting for our survival. Why? Because the oceans are out #1 buffer in absorbing extra heat from climate change. In other words  if it were not for our oceans buffering us from increased heat, the 2 degree rise in our climate would be 30 degrees right now.
  • He reminded the sold out, standing room only audience that no one can argue against FACTS. Why? because no one can deny thermometers, yardsticks and PH Levels. Until we take action to address climate change, our unintended march towards increased temperature rise will continue, and our global community will experience more:
    • Extreme Weather
    • Storms
    • Melting
    • Bleaching & Loss of Coral Reefs
    • Extinction of Species

In closing, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse urged all to Not Agonize,  but rather Organize! Senator Whitehouse invited all Rhode Islanders to join him at the April 29th Climate Change March in Washington to march for Climate, Jobs & Justice.

Join the Movement:  People’s Climate Movement.

We Are The Ocean State

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