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Septic Inspections Resume in Green Hill


Septic Inspections resume in Green Hill:  Regular maintenance of your Green Hill septic system not only keeps your system working efficiently and can prevent costly repairs, but also contributes positively to the Green Hill watershed, which directly impacts the water quality of Green Hill Pond. Earlier this year, the Town of South Kingstown resumed inspections of septic systems in the Green Hill watershed. If your household has not received a letter, you’ll likely see one soon.

Septic Inspections:  What to Expect

  • Upon receiving notice, property owners have 45 days from the date of the notice to have an ISDS inspection by a Town Licensed Inspector.
  • To prepare for the inspection, it’s a good idea to collect information about the system and past maintenance, and if possible, locate and unearth the septic tank/cesspool cover to save costs.
  • If there is a cesspool or a system installed prior to 1970, a pump out is required during the First Maintenance Inspection. If the system was installed after 1970, a pump out is recommended but not mandatory.
  • The Inspector will follow procedures set forth in the RI Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) Inspection Handbook.
  • The Inspector will complete a report that describes the system, identifies maintenance requirements, and recommends a schedule for the next inspection and pump out.
  • The inspection report is a 3 part form. The Inspector will forward one part to the Town, one part to the property owner and keep one part.
  • The Town will review the inspection results and send a reminder before the next inspection and pump out is due.

The above information came from the Town of South Kingstown’s website. Get more details on septic inspections, including Tips for Property Owners, and key contacts in the town’s onsite wastewater management office on their website

Septic Inspections:  My experience

Knowing that the town was resuming septic inspections, I took the initiative this spring to schedule both a pump out and inspection. On the town website, there is a list of licensed and approved septic inspectors for the Town of South Kingstown.Because I had used his services when purchasing my Green Hill home, I reached out again to Jim Briggs of Briggs Septic Inc. I had a great experience, felt the price was competitive and received a written report on the inspection in my inbox. Jim takes care of filing the report with the town, which is great convenience. My property is now good for another 5 years, at which time we will inspect it again. I recommend Briggs Septic for anyone looking to work with a local, Rhode Island business for their pump out and inspection!

About Briggs Septic Inc.

Owner Jim Briggs of Briggs Septic Inc. with his son Jim, the 4th generation of the family to work in the business. Reach Jim at 401-843-1427.

Since 1950, four generations of family members have grown the business while keeping pace with technological advances. Briggs Septic is a family-owned and operated business since 1950 and dedicated to providing South Kingstown residents with 24-hour emergency services and competitive rates. They’re a fully licensed and insured company, and listed as an approved inspector for the Town of South Kingston.

FOGHP June Meeting

Date:  Saturday, June 23, 2018
Time: 10 – 11:30 am
Where:  Ocean Ridge Civic Ass. (ORCA) Pavilion,  Ram Island Rd,  Charlestown
Inclement Weather Location: Ocean Ridge Civic Association (ORCA) Club House at 83 Holly Rd., South Kingstown

Dennis Bowman, President of Friends of Green Hill Pond [FOGHP] will address the community with news on their progress, share insights on the recent URI field work, and talk about the restart of septic inspections. Also, Dr. John W, King, Professor of Oceanography at URI, has been the lead academic expert on this project will be there to discuss some of the broader ecological challenges we face with our barrier beaches and coastal ponds. For more information. follow FOGHP on their facebook page.

Briggs Septic Inc of Rhode Island T ShirtIf you would like to schedule any septic inspections, contact Jim Briggs [he books about 4 weeks out.] Reach him at 401-363-5800. Tell Jim you learned about Briggs Septic on Green Hill Rocks!

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