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Salt Ponds Coalition 30th Anniversary


Salt Ponds Coalition 30th Anniversary

Salt Ponds Coalition 30th Anniversary:  In August 2015 the Salt Ponds Coalition [SPC] celebrated 30 years loving and protecting the Salt Ponds of South County, Rhode Island. The following copy was drawn directly from a stunning film produced by salt ponds supporter Vic Dvorack.

Green Hill Rocks strongly encourages everyone to get involved to support Green Hill Pond and all the Salt Ponds of South County, Rhode Island. Here’s what you can do to make a difference:

  1. Watch this film (embedded above) by Vic Dvorack & become an informed citizen. Your knowledge will help SPC spread the word and raise needed environmental awareness. Please share this blog post with others so they can learn about the work of SPC and how to Love Salt Ponds!
  2. Follow Salt Ponds on Facebook and seek opportunities to give of your time so Salt Ponds Coalition.
  3. Lastly, reach into your pocket and make a donation. Donate to Salt Ponds Today No amount is too small.

Here are highlights from Vic Dvorack’s film:

  • The Salt Ponds Coalition Protects and Enhances the Health of the Salt Ponds.
  • Rhode Island’s salt ponds line the South Shore from Point Judith to Watch Hill.
  • The Salt Ponds are a regional treasure which supports diverse wildlife as well as public recreation and local property values.
  • The Salt Ponds contribute substantial revenues to two of Rhode Island’s largest industries: Tourism and Fisheries.
  • Salt Ponds Stewardship:  Be a good neighbor to the ponds and their watershed. This Ecosystem is extremely fragile and the Salt Ponds need our help and support right now.
  • The Salt Ponds Coalition has the longest running marine water quality program in the country with sites on all the major southern Rhode Island salt ponds.
  • Pond watchers are Volunteer Citizen Scientists who donate their time to monitor water quality.
  • Salt Ponds Coalition is known for its excellence in Environmental Stewardship.
  • Storms have a devastating impact on the salt ponds and it is up to us to fix it.

In the film Salt Ponds Coalition President & Biologist Art Ganz talks about the highly coordinated effort to bring folks together to unleash the organization’s most important tool:  Information Dissemination. Here is a summary of Art’s key points in the film:Art Ganz

Storm Surge and Sea Level Rise affects 100% of the Salt Pond Watershed community. The Salt Ponds Coalition is committed to bringing scientific information to citizens and municipalities to be used as a tool so everyone can work together to apply the best scientific and management practices to protect salt ponds, watershed areas, private property and public safety.

Message in the film from Executive Director Alicia Eichinger:Alicia Eichinger



The Salt Ponds Coalition is essential to maintaining the health of the salt ponds. We can’t do it without you and need the support of the citizens in the area and anyone who loves the salt ponds. We’ve been here for 30 years and we’d love to be here for many more. Please join us and love our salt ponds!


Love the Salt Ponds & Support the Salt Ponds Coalition Today!


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