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Salt Pond Watchers


Listen to Virginia Lee, a founder of the Salt Pond Watchers

Thank you to everyone who supports the Salt Ponds Coalition [SPC], an organization that has been protecting and enhancing Rhode Island’s coastal ponds for the benefit of wildlife and people for more than 32 years! Rhode Island’s Salt Ponds Coalition manages more than 25 water testing sites across 6 major ponds in Rhode Island, working with a volunteer team of dedicated Salt Pond Watchers.

Green Hill Salt Pond Watchers

I’d like you to know about the salt pond watchers of Green Hill Pond that work tirelessly all season long. If you see them this summer, please join me in expressing our greatest gratitude for their steadfast efforts to monitor and report on the health of Green Hill Pond.

Lauren Classey – Sea Lea

George Hill – Indigo Point

Ray Gradale – Teal Road

Ted Truslow – In-Pond

Bill & Pat Barber – Allen’s Cover

Peter & Laura Moehrke – Allen’s Cove


There are so many opportunities to join SPC in its mission to protect Green Hill Pond and RI salt ponds. If you’re interested in getting involved, or want to explore becoming a pond watcher now or in the future, contact SPC’s Executive Director Alicia at

Salt Pond Highlights near Green Hill

Here are some highlights on SPC’s work closest to Green Hill:

Green Hill Pond:  Right now, SPC is active in applying EPA grant monies to projects around the Green Hill Watershed that will reduce nutrient impacts on ground water and the salt pond. Ongoingly, SPC advises local community groups like Ocean Ridge Civic Association, Charlestown by the Sea, and Mautucket to advance awareness and provide tenured advise on issues Green Hill Pond residents face. For example, SPC continues its partnership with the community group, Friends of Green Hill Pond, which has made progress in its work to raise money for a study intended to examine the benefits to water quality associated with dredging Creek Bridge.

Ninigret Pond:  In 2017, SPC helped restore Ninigret Pond, improving navigation in the Charlestown Breachway. Perhaps you were one of the many SPC volunteers that helped them plant tens of thousands of marsh plants in Ninigret to boost marsh vegetation growth?

Make a Difference:  Become a Salt Ponds Coalition Member

SPC is nearly 100% member funded, so even if you can’t get involved in SPC through direct participation, you can support their work by becoming a member. Visit to:

·       Renew your Membership

·       Join Salt Ponds Coalition

·       Follow SPC on Social

Thanks enormously to all Green Hill residents that support Salt Ponds Coalition! Because of you, SPC remains the official salt pond watershed council of Rhode Island and is the longest running continual marine quality monitoring program in the country!

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