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Salt Pond Safari


Experience a Salt Pond Safari

Salt Ponds Coalition [SPC] delivers a series of Salt Pond Safari each season that takes participants to the edge of Rhode Island salt ponds for a highly memorable experience. People of all ages get the chance to observe and touch the living wonders of Rhode Island’s Salt Ponds.

Salt Pond SafariUsing a 30′ seine net, the SPC team captures a variety of aquatic creatures to create an ecology lesson that beats any Aquarium touch tank hands down. Safari participants use buckets and small fishing nets to collect crabs and smaller fish. Watch the video to see the the wonders of a Salt Pond Safari.

I attended the Salt Pond Safari featured in this video and can share that those that showed up had a wonderful time. Having taken my children to the New England Aquarium for years, the concept of creating a live touch tank at the edge of a salt pond, is an outstanding opportunity to get up close and personal with aquatic life. And last I checked, it was $28 for an adult and $19 per child to visit, making a family outing to a Salt Pond Safari just about the best deal in town!

Support SPC programs, which are FREE & 100% member funded. You can become a member and support SPC’s work for as little as $45 a year!

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SPC is the official watershed organization of Rhode Island’s salt ponds and has been for more than 30 years! SPC tests the water of 6 leading salt ponds with an army of citizen scientists. Join the movement of salt pond lovers and protecters today.

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