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ReReads Bookshop


ReReads is an awesome bookstore located in downtown Westerly, RI that sells a highly curated collection of previsouly loved books in excellent condition.

ReReads Bookshop features niche collections on Naval, History, Cultural & Mature Young Adult.

Located at 53 High Street in downtown Westerly, RI you’ll find a local gem in ReReads Bookshop. Owned and operated by Jill Chomowicz, ReReads is your destination for Discovering the NEW in Used Books.

I stumbled across the shop on a rainy Memorial day excursion from Green Hill with my 16 year old son James. Jill welcomes you warmly and can make suggestions for what you might enjoy most based on your interests. Or she’ll leave you alone to browse endlessly for as long as want!

The Road by Cormac McCarthy is a book available at ReReads bookshop in downtown Westerly, RI.

Rediscovering great books like The Road, by Cormac McCarthy is what awaits at ReReads Bookshop.

Jill quickly connected with James, who was deep into a bookshelf. He had in his hand The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Jill shared her insights on the novel with James, and he decided to buy it. By 8 pm that night, James was 100 pages in and completely absorbed. I don’t know about you, but when a place or person sparks your child’s interest to depart from the virtual world of movies and games, to sink himself into a good book (and one not required by a school reading list!), it’s a priceless opportunity. And all this, for a bargain price. I was in love!

The selection of books at ReReads Bookshop is top notch, and offers niche collections on topics ranging from History, Naval, Cultural and Mature Young Adult. The condition of the books is excellent, and because Jill curates every book herself, she can answer your questions on any book.

Meet Jill Chomowicz, Owner of ReReads in Westerly, RI.

Jill Chomowicz, Owner of Rereads Bookshop

Jill was busy helping her patrons find books during my visit, but I was able to ask her a few questions about her business and motivations for opening a bookstore in the age of Amazon, and with The Savoy Bookstore and Cafe (another local gem), right around the corner.

Why did you open ReReads Bookshop in downtown Westerly?

Our family returned from living abroad in Quatar to settle in Stonington, CT. While living in Quatar I started a reading salon where people would gather for conversations about books. Through that experience I learned that when you read books and talk about them with others, you’re able to learn how people think differently, and through those conversations, all participants can overcome what I think of as innocent ignorance. It was that experience that sparked my interest to open a used bookshop when I returned to the US.

What’s the best part about owning and running ReReads Bookshop?

I obviously have a great passion for reading books and talking abut them. The best part of running Rereads is that I get to meet so many interesting people and marry the right book to each reader. It never gets old.

What are your summer hours?

ReReads in Westerly, RII’m open Wednesdays to Sundays, starting at about 12 noon. I remain open as late as I have interested readers walking in the door! That could be 8 or 10 p.m. I hope Green Hillers stop by this summer. One of my favorite things is helping people build their summer reading list!

ReRead’s Facebook page is filled with testimonials from many happy patrons. Here’s one that captures the essence of the place:

“ReReads Bookshop is a South County/Westerly gem. The quality and quantity of the books are impressive. Most books seem nearly brand new. Many categories look very interesting. I particularly liked the Naval section. Jill is a gem too – bright, warm and informative. ReReads is worth a trip, you won’t be disappointed!”

Dennis McGuire, from ReReads Facebook Page.

Feel free to call Jill at ReReads Bookshop to see if she has a specific book you’re looking for, or to ask her to keep an eye out for a book you’re seeking at 401-596-4111. Let her know you learned about ReReads Bookshop from Green Hill Rocks!

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