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Outdoor Shower


Outdoor Shower

Ever consider an Outdoor Shower for your coastal home? I love outdoor showers so much I just added one to my primary residence. Why? There’s nothing like an outdoor shower for setting one’s mood for the season. My best memory of an outdoor shower is smelling the wet cedar wood as the warm water meets the cold crisp fall air while standing there in total privacy, naked as the day, under a full moon.

Outdoor ShowerOutdoor Shower Design

I’ve seen many different outdoor shower designs from the most rustic to the more formal and refined. My favorites are the outdoor showers with natural design aesthetics. A top priority when planning your outdoor shower is to ensure it fit the space and operate at its functional best.

7 Tip’s for Planning your Outdoor Shower:

  1. Build a simple french drain system to direct water away from a main building and filter water properly into the ground.
  2. Provide a gravel filled ditch with a perforated tube that will empty water into a deeper hole filled with more gravel.
  3. Install a removable shower handle so every member of your clan, including your furry best friend, will benefit from your new outdoor shower.
  4. Live in a the Green Hill watershed? Select eco-friendly shampoos & soaps.
  5. For those luxurious-minded, think about an on-demand water heater (cheaper than you think!)
  6. Consider low voltage LED lighting that allows evening showers and total Zen.
  7. Need more ideas? Go crazy on the Web ~there are hundreds of photos to view for inspiration.

OutDoor ShowerOutdoor Shower Benefits

Adding an outdoor shower DIY & a hot tub and a hot tub to outdoor landscape is a great move for busy households. The kids are thrilled with our new outdoor shower and no longer grumble about outdoor shower time. In fact, they look forward to it and debate about who gets to take the first shower!

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