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Natural Weed Killer Recipe


Natural Weed Killer Recipe:  When the weather turns warm, my rock driveway in Green Hill starts to sprout weeds and crab grass prolifically . The first year we were Green Hill homeowners, we used Round Up. We felt so guilty, so the next summer my husband painstakingly hand pulled out the weeds, which took a month of Sundays. All season long our driveway looked pretty bad.

After some research, we found this natural weed killer recipe online and tried it. It worked! Overnight it took out the weeds in our driveway.

Natural Weed Killer Recipe

The benefits of this natural weed killer recipe are:

  • It is super cheap!
  • It is easy and safe to make, a child could do it.
  • Most importantly, it doesn’t negatively impact the Green Hill Watershed.

Use this Natural Weed Killer Recipe with confidence knowing that your problem will be solved and you are serving as a better steward for the Green Hill Watershed. Here’s the recipe, and I’m including a video I found online that highlights the process of creating this special weed killing magical mix.

Cautionary Note:  I advise this natural weed killer recipe as a spot weed killer. I do not use it on my lawn or garden. Best applications are for those areas where you would be tempted to apply Round Up. 

Natural Weed Killer Recipe


2 Cups Table Salt

1 Gallon WHITE Vinegar (make sure it has 5% acidity).

8 Drops of DAWN Dishwashing Soap.


  1. Mix these ingredients up in a large spray container; ensure salt dissolves.
  2. Spray your driveway liberally with this natural weed killer recipe solution. Be generous and soak the weeds.
  3. After treating the area, store your Natural Weed Killer Recipe in a safe place.
  4. If you have leftover solution, pour it in a spray bottle to have on hand so you can zap any unexpected offenders that pop up.
  5. Enjoy your weed-free area!

Note:  for best outcome, apply your treatment on a warm sunny day when there is no rain in the forecast.

I just love this natural weed killer solution for brick walkways, rock driveways, bluestone patios and in between cobblestones. Last summer I saw a home owner on Green Hill using a blow torch to kill their driveway weeds. I was so impressed by their bravado in a way that would not hurt the hill! Since I get nervous with fire, this natural weed killer recipe is the perfect solution for me.

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