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Napatree Point


Napatree Point

Today we visited beautiful Napatree Point in Watch Hill, RI. To get an idea of what to expect on a visit there, check out these descriptive words from Yelpers who’ve made a visit:

  • Best stretch of beach in New England
  • Simply amazing
  • Quiet & beautiful
  • Blissfully empty & super clean
  • Sheltered coves teeming with wildlife
  • Sparkling water
  • Remote with luxurious dunes
  • Heaven!

Napatree Point, the southernmost and westernmost point of Rhode Island, is a long sandy strip of beach about 1.5-miles in length. You reach the area by walking through the parking lot in the business district of Watch Hill’s downtown parking lots.

Planning Your Visit to Napatree Point

During the months of July and August, you need to plan our visit to Napatree Point carefully. We’ve made 3 visits there in summer 2015 and what has worked well has been to rise early and arrive on the Main Streets of Watch Hill no later than 9-10 am. We pack a breakfast to go, and then patronize one of Watch Hill’s coffee shops for our java and juice before heading out to the point. Of note, the closest public restroom is near the flying horse carousel. Be sure to make a pit stop here before making your trek out to the point.

Parking Tips

Be mindful of the clock once you park, since you will have exactly 2 hours of free parking. Otherwise you will be ticketed. You can buy yourself more time by paying for parking, but I saw signs for as much as $30, and what’s the fun in that? So, get up early and you will save yourself a bundle.

The Beach at Napatree

The beach at Napatree is about 1.5 miles in length. After you have set up your spot on the other side of the dune, enjoy your al fresco breakfast, and then set off to walk to the point. It is a terrific beach stroll and you can stop at any point for a refreshing swim. When you reac the point, look out to the shores of Stonington, CT.

If you plan to arrive at low tide, be sure to bring your skim board for some of the best gliding to be found in South County.

Things To Do in Watch Hill

On your way back from the beach, you can’t miss The Candy Box & nearby ice cream shoppes. And, there is plenty of retail therapy to be had along the streets of Watch Hill. If you’re looking for something substantial to eat, stop by the Olympia Tea Room. Lastly, if you have young kids, be sure to treat them to a ride on the Watch Hill Flying Horse Carousel. It’s a lifetime memory maker.

For those stealth shoppers among us, the best time to capture deals on retail items is right after Labor Day, when everything goes on sale and the parking is ample and free.

It takes about 25 minutes to reach Watch Hill by car from Green Hill. It’s a super scenic drive where you can view the extraordinary mansions along the road once you enter historic Watch Hill.

A visit to Napatree Point is the perfect half day trip from Green Hill; it leaves plenty of time to return back home and relax on Green Hill shores.




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