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Love Green Hill Pond


Love Green Hill Pond

Claire Hodson from Salt Ponds Coalition wrote an article called Love Green Hill Pond, Follow Green Hill Rocks in the Salt Ponds Coalition Winter 2015 Newsletter called, TIDAL PAGE.

This edition of the newsletter also spotlighted super interesting articles on these topics & more:

  • The Oyster Restoration Project on Ninigret Pond
  • Salt Pond Shore Birds
  • Spotlights on Quonnie & Winnapaug Ponds
  • How to Participate in Rhode Island’s fight against Climate Change using the MyCoast App!

Salt Ponds Coalition

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Read what Claire Hodson wrote about Green Hill Rocks:

Ann Manion

Ann Manion, Digital Marketer

Green Hill Pond has been a focus of SPC’s recent awareness efforts. For Ann Manion, a digital marketer and mother, this area holds a similar importance. When asked about her passion for Green Hill she said,

My happiest memories are of watching my three boys plunder Rhode Island’s rocky shores. For more than a decade, Green Hill has been the beach where I’ve enjoyed life by the sea. It’s a very special place.

This summer Ann decided to share this passion with the Green Hill community. Using her skills and resources, Ann launched It’s a website designed to serve the needs and sensibilities and values of the Green Hill community, as well as create a conduit for information regarding Green Hill Pond’s environmental concerns.

For example, Ann posted SPC’s Green Hill Pond, Below the Surface video on the website. Through her direct connection to the community as a whole, SPC’s message reached beyond our own members (nearly 500 extra views!!).

Not only does serve as a platform for environmental awareness, but it touches on all aspects of life on the hill through short video reports that “bring the beach to you” [View a Video], local businesses [Charlestown Gallery], and pieces on cooking [Ultimate Tomato Sandwich], gardening [coming Spring 2016!], and beach house decor [Cozy Your Cottage].

To join the conversation visit, follow Green Hill Rocks on social media [Like GHR on Facebook, Follow GHR on TwitterFollow GHR Boards on Pinterest and subscribe to their newsletter!



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