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Howards Farm


Howards Farm

Clues to where we arrive in life can often be found by looking back. I love Green Hill for many reasons. Part of the pull is the way South County, Rhode Island’s green, lush farmlands capture the nature and soul of my childhood growing up on my grandfather’s apple farm in New York’s Hudson River Valley.

This short film, Howard’s Farm, is a beautiful video created by Ivan Cash, a San Francisco-based interactive artist, filmmaker and educator who believes in the power of human connection. His work has exhibited internationally, is in the permanent collection of the V&A Museum in London, and has been featured in The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC and WIRED. He’s a young gun in the world of visual arts, and he grew up up in Marlboro, New York just like me.

Howard Quimby, the farmer featured in this film now made famous by Ivan’s talents for visual storytelling, was the father of one of my closest childhood friends, Karen Quimby. Karen and I both came from a family of 4 daughters where we both shared the middle spot. Karen and I rode the school bus together everyday. My memories of visiting the Quimby Farm are as vivid as my recollections of drinking ice cold goat milk from Karen’s lunchbox, which she shared with me generously.

In recent past, I took my children to Howard’s Farm at Karen’s invitation. Not surprisingly we arrived to find Howard riding the tractor and working as hard as ever. He’s a remarkable man. His facial expressions are a work of art, history in motion.

Enjoy this visit to Howard’s Farm and learn from his wisdom & superb example of a life well lived.


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