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Hauser Chocolates


Hauser Chocolates

Who knew there was a chocolatier in our midst?

Hauser Chocolates of Westerly Rhode Island is a second generation family-owned company making fine quality, artisanal Swiss-style chocolates. Their Facebook page boasts more than 500 Likes and 5 star reviews. Establishments like the the Ocean House Hotel and Uptown Salon feature Hauser chocolates to enhance the experiences of their guests. After hearing about Hauser, I drove over there to find out what Green Hillers might want to know about their chocolate offerings.

Finding Hauser Chocolates

Hauser Chocolates

Kimberly is standing by to assist you with all your chocolate needs.

It’s a little tricky finding Hauser Chocolates, but trust me, you’ll get the hang of it. Located at 59 Tom Harvey Road in a sleepy commercial office park adjacent to the Westerly airport, you’ll find their factory store. If you’re at the Stop & Shop plaza in Westerly, you’re a stone’s throw away.

I arrived late on a Saturday morning in early December and was greeted by Kimberly, a member of the Hauser Chocolates team that has been with the company nearly a decade. She oversees the retail store and greets all the patrons with a warm smile. She is quiet but ever eager to show you around and help you find whatever you need. While I strolled the store looking at all the chocolate confections, Kimberly welcomed long time customers from CT that arrived to stock up on their favorite fresh cream truffles.

There’s so much to know about Hauser Chocolates! During your visit you can walk up a ramp to their factory floor observatory deck to view the production of chocolate products and read about the brand’s rich history on the walls.

12 Reasons to Love Hauser Chocolates:

  1. The products are delicious, and you’ll enjoy a free sample during your visit!
  2. The company is a Father-Son team committed to crafting silky, luscious light & dark chocolate in the Swiss tradition for every taste.
  3. Need a premium corporate gift-giving solution? Hauser Chocolates offers customized branded chocolate boxes with your logo.
  4. Are you a frequent gift or cash card giver wanting to present your generosity in a special and delicious way? Hauser Chocolates makes chocolate gift boxes to present gift cards. Thus turning your single gift giving into a double Wow moment.
  5. Looking for some scrumptious cakes? Hauser cakes are easy, beautiful and extremely good. Retailing for about $27 and serving about 10 people, think about ordering a luscious Tiramisu for your New Years Eve Green Hill celebration.
  6. Hauser Chocolates was recognized by Yankee Magazine as an outstanding choice for chocolate & featured in the OCT 2015 Food Network Magazine as a Top Candy Shoppe!
  7. The packaging is unique and extra special ~ from beautiful tins that lend themselves to impressive hostess gifts to artfully wrapped vintage chocolate bars that are the classiest stocking stuffers around, Hauser Chocolates knows that presentation matters and their style reflects their European influence.
  8. Hauser Chocolates are the only US source for a proprietary product called Chocolate Lace, an exquisite-tasting crunchy chocolate and caramel treat made in lattice sheets. Everyone should have a box on hand to dress up and garnish a special dessert, or simply for a sensational chocolate snack experience.
  9. How about the awesomeness of nautically shaped chocolates as table favors or after dinner Bon Bons? From fish to crabs to lobsters and more, Hauser Chocolates bring a touch of the seaside whimsey to your Green Hill table.
  10. Is there a special wedding or anniversary in your 2016 horizon? Reach out to Kimberly at Hauser Chocolates and she can describe for you all the details on customized favors that will delight your guests and add to the memorability of your special occasion.
  11. 60 years in business and two generations of chocolatiers is something to celebrate at Hauser Chocolates.
  12. And the 12th thing you can love about Hauser Chocolates is that they into Rocks too! Check out their Chocolate Rocks boxes. At $6 each they are filled with rocks in the following flavors:  toffee, orange, apricot, peanut butter, raspberry and cranberry.
Hauser Chocolate Rocks

Chocolate Rocks in scrumptious flavors from Hauser Chocolatier.

Hauser Chocolates is a short drive from Green Hill at 59 Tom Harvey Road in Westerly, Rhode Island. Visit and you can learn about chocolate from the bean to the bar. It’s best to call Kimberly ahead at 401-596-8866 to confirm their store hours, place a cake order, or arrange a shipment of chocolate to a lucky recipient. Currently their website is down, but you can follow their Facebook page for the latest updates on Hauser Chocolates.

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