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Green Hill Lawn Care


Thinking about your property maintenance for Summer 2018, ready for a change?

Go Local with Dylan Gamache, owner of Green Hill Lawn Care Dylan has been providing lawn care services to Green Hill residents since 2011.

Green Hill Lawn Care Services

Dylan Gamache, Owner of Green Hill Lawn Care.

Count on Dylan’s to be there when you need him. Be confident that mowing schedules remain dictated by grass growth rates, not a set schedule.

In addition to lawn mowing, Dylan offers these services:

  • Spring & Fall clean ups
  • Lawn de-thatching & fertilization
  • Garden maintenance, tree removal & planting
  • Hedge, pruning & trimming

Need an Estimate? No Problem!

Call Dylan at 401-339-9257

Dylan cares for many lawn on and around Green Hill, and can support your needs. Life’s complicated enough, isn’t time for an easy, affordable lawn care solution for your second home?

Isn’t it time you relaxed more, and enjoyed more time at the beach, golf course, or wherever your happy place is?

Whether now or mid seasons, it’s never too late to have a conversation about your lawn care needs.

Reach Dylan at 401-339-9257. If leaving a message, please leave your full name, address and phone number. 

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