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Go Pro Rock Report


Go Pro Rock Report:  September is the New August

The week-end of September 19th and 20th was simply beautiful for the beach. The sun was out, ocean waters were crystal clear, swimming temperatures were just right, and only episodic cloud cover. Indeed, it seems that September is the new August in Green Hill, Rhode Island!

Schedules may change in September, but our commitment to bring you high quality stories and images from the hill remains strong. For this month’s rock report, we broke out a new toy:  The Go Pro, in order to give you the highest quality video coverage in our reports.

Go Pro DiveAbout Go Pro

At the the beach yesterday, we ran into a few people who were unfamiliar with the Go Pro. It’s no wonder, since technology is moving so fast. Even though our smart phones are equipped to deliver excellent quality video, the Go Pro hit the market as a wearable, portable sports camera that can capture video footage in the most extreme situations. Think surfing, water-skiing, bungee jumping and beyond.

While we have no plans to be jumping out of planes, we do plan to use our new Go Pro to capture more below water surface images, and also to take with us on kayaks, paddle boards, bikes around South County Rhode Island, so we can bring you insights on the special spots you want to know about.

Go Pro Delivers Endless Opportunities!

Go Pro comes with an array of attachments to help you get every shot you could possible want. We used the head harness accessory, but have our eye on a variety of other items which will help us be even more creative in the future and next summer. Believe or not, they even have a dog strap harness called Fetch to help you capture the action of your beloved canine. 

So sit back and watch the September Rock Report featuring our first use of the Go Pro Camera. It runs just over 3 minutes long. If you like it, share it with your friends, and encourage them to sign up for Updates at

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