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Earth Care Farm Strawberry Jam


Earth Care Farm Strawberry Jam

We visited Earth Care Farm in Charlestown, Rhode Island to pick some strawberries and later returned to the Green Hill Kitchen to make his grandmother’s strawberry jam.

Earth Care Farm Strawberry Jam

Earth Care Farm ~ Charlestown, RI

What is a Freezer Jam?
Preserve the bounty of the June strawberry crop by making Strawberry Freezer jam. This method is no fuss, no heat, no equipment, and little to no time as compared to the canned jam method.

Here what you need to get started:

  • Ripe & Fresh Strawberries
  • Sugar
  • Freezer jam-compatible pectin
  • 15 minutes of Time

The jam we made was delicious, but not quite like Nonnie’s. It tasted fabulous, but the consistency was not as firm as a jam should be. Looking back, we realized the hiccups in our method in the Green Hill Kitchen while making our Earth Care Farm Strawberry Jam.

Step #1

We never want to travel far from green hill, so we sourced the pectin from the Charlestown Mini Mart. We were so happy to find a box of pectin on the shelf, but is was a liquid version, and not ideal for our jam making process.

Step #2

When you make Earth Care Farm Strawberry Jam, you need to measure all quantities precisely. In our case, we picked such an abundance of strawberries that we topped off our fruit measurement about 1/2 cup more per batch than the recipe required. This was a definite No No when making our jam (it turned out a tad runny).

Our Recommendation to Makers of Earth Care Farm Strawberry Jam

Carefully manage the quantity of fruit to pectin to sugar. Don’t mess with the math! No matter how tempted you are! If you do, it will alter the ability of the jam to properly gel.

If you do find yourself off the mark, know that it will taste really delicious. But in order to achieve the classic jam consistency you want, stick to exact ingredientmeasurements.

If you’d like to give this recipe a go, click here for the award winning recipe for Strawberry Freezer Jam from

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