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Compass Hardware


Why I Love Compass Hardware

Tucked away off Old Post Road in Charlestown, RI at the corner of Ridgewood Road sits Compass Hardware. As a seasonal renter in South County, RI, I never had a need to visit. But all that changed when I became a homeowner of a 1974 split level in Green Hill.

At first glance, your expectations of Compass Hardware and what lies within might be dim. It’s located in a cozy, unassuming house with a flying flag out front where seemingly random items sit outside the front door like a week-end tag sale. Here’s a where looks can fool you.

The time following my home closing was a flurry of activity. Furnishing the home with a limited budget comprised a good deal of my imagination. One item on my wish list was a large sectional to feature in the lower level “big TV” room. I wanted a welcoming landing spot for sandy toed kids to plop themselves upon, wet suits and all, when taking a break from mid day summer sun. What I’d planned to purchase was a Crate and Barrel 6-piece sectional with Sunbrella cushions. But a similar looking sectional caught my eye from It was was several hundred dollars less and (wow!) included a coffee table. Too tempted by the value add, I placed my order here instead.

In my enthusiasm, I missed some fine print:  assembly required. When the delivery truck unloaded a multitude of large heavy boxes flat packed with countless wicker pieces, plus heavy bags of bolts and screws, I was unprepared. I never purchase IKEA furniture for a reason.

Compass Hardware

The assembled Hayneedle couch & coffee table.

I mustered up a positive attitude and got to work, determined to see myself to the other side. It took me 9 hours on an early Spring Saturday and a few more the next day to assemble the wicker furniture set. Were it not for a line up of killer podcast listening, I never would have seen the finish line. But even more important, were it not for Compass hardware, I would have #Failed at this endeavor.

Over the course of the week-end I made several trips to Compass Hardware in search of better tools; the coffee table alone was 5 separate pieces! On my 3rd trip late Saturday afternoon, one of the happy helpers at Compass Hardware took pity upon my frustrated soul and offered his personal tool bag, to ensure I would have everything needed. He just said I could drop it back off on Sunday. I’ve never forgotten the abundance of kindness shown in his care for my situation that day, and I’ve been a loyal customer since.

My Top Ten Fav Things About Compass Hardware

  1. Everyone that works there is nice, whether you’re a veteran tradesperson or week-end warrior, everyone is treated with a smile and equal respect.
  2. They listen to your story so they can understand your problem. They genuinely want to help you. When you’re in the thick of a home project and hitting the wall, it’s therapy to have someone listen to the journey you’re on.
  3. Everything is fairly priced and affordable. If Compass has it, there’s no need to go to Home Depot in Westerly, which by the way is 14.7 miles from Green Hill and a 26 minute drive away!
  4. They sell Generac Generators, and offer a special program with another terrific local business [Jedi Electric] for installation. When I’m able to swing that home investment, I know right where I’m headed.
  5. When my shower head stopped working the other day, I was off to Compass Hardware and back in less then 20 minutes, picked up a replacement shower head and we were back in business to get son #2 to work on time.
  6. They fill propane tanks, which helps when you’re about to fire up the grill and realize you’re low on gas.
  7. They’re like a mini Staples; you can get copies (color too) and fax documents.
  8. They won’t sell you the wrong product, if they think you’re better off going online or to a big box store, they’ll say so. They’re like hardware consultants even when they don’t get to sell you something.
  9. They have a cardboard tray of chips for sale near the check out, because they know you’re likely arriving there exasperated from a home project, probably hypoglycemic and could use a snack.
  10. But the #1 reason I love Compass Hardware is that every time I go in there with a problem, I walk out with a solution or the very least, a plan of action I can confidently pursue because of the trusted advise of the Compass Hardware team.

Make Local Work:  Discover Compass Hardware

Makes Local Work by patronizing Compass Hardware. Located just 3 miles from Green Hill at 8 Ridgewood Road in Charlestown, MA and open 7 days a week, Compass Hardware can be reached at 401-364-9607. For additional information, visit their website.

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