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Buy Local Rhode Island Fish


The COVID 19 crisis has created increased reason for New Englanders to buy local Rhode Island fish. I was surprised to learn that people mostly eat fish that is prepared and served in restaurants, and are not inclined to purchase fresh fish for meal preparation at home. As a result of COVDI19, and the reduced operations at local restaurants, this consumer behavior is having a major negative impact on small boat fisherman throughout New England who sell the majority of their fish to the restaurant industry and fish processors.

But I have good news, Rhode Island is leading the industry with its plans to set up a pilot program for direct sales of local fish, boat to consumer sales. John Lee published an excellent article in Edible Rhody on this subject matter on April 14th. Right now, many people are working tirelessly to give small boat fisherman more options for selling their fish locally. Let’s help them out by seeking out these local fish buying opportunities and preparing more fish at home. This post highlights local places near Green Hill offering contact free curbside pick or home delivery.

Where to get local catches during COVID-19.

Buy Local Rhode Island Fish

Photograph by John Lee,

Please check websites or call ahead to confirm hours of operation at the following local markets & retailers:

Here are 2 additional locations which do not have websites, but do have phone numbers:

  • F/V UMIAK in Charlestown is offering curbside pick up, reach them at (401) 218-2053.
  • The Fishery in Westerly at 271 Post Road has both take out and curbside pick up available, reach them at (401) 322-7700.

To get the complete list of all markets and retailers in Washington County selling fresh, local fish, visit Rhode Island Seafood Website.

About Author John Lee

Dive deeper into this subject matter by reading John Lee’s article Rhode Island Fisheries Caught in the COVID-19 Crisis  in Edible Rhody. The featured images in this blog post are credited to Lee. John Lee lives in Wakefield, Rhode Island and has a wonderful website called The Dented Bucket. He is a writer, photographer, works on a pilot boat, and is a commercial fisherman. He is passionate about local waters and writes stories on fishing, seafood, and free diving. Visit his website, read his Blog and view his stunning photography.

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