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Book Barn Niantic


Book Barn Niantic

Discover The Book Barn in Niantic, CT., a brick and mortar destination that is sure to awaken your soul. Arrive at one of their three locations and you will be entering a bibliophile’s bliss with more than 500,000 books. Located less than an hour’s drive from Green Hill, the Book Barn’s treasure trove of books is frequently the “last hope” for someone seeking a given title.

The Book Barn offers a high degree of organization of their collection and enthusiastic staff, led by owner Glenn. I should mention that there are litters of cats that wander the property and snake between your legs when you are lost in the stacks.

No matter your passion, there is an area dedicated to books on that subject matter. In my case, I found a treasure trove of books on commercial fishing, cookbooks, and New England and American history. There’s a section fro everything, including books for $1, where you will find current New York Times best sellers. I’ve never had so much fun spend so little money.

The staff is passionate about helping books find their people. It is not uncommon for visitors to have been searching for years to find their favorite title here. If you can not get there in person, contact the staff and given time, they will check the shelves for you. What a special place to browse, explore one’s varied interests and collide with others to talk about, what else, books.

Scenes from the Book Barn Niantic

Sell Your Books at Book Barn

You can sell your books at the Book Barn. I recommend you prune your shelves of past reading treasures you’ve read and enjoyed, but are now collecting dust and premium shelf space. You’ll be so glad to come home with a car full of new reading material and a place to put your new finds. On my first visit to the Book Barn I purchased 20 new books.

At check out I asked how many books were featured in their largest volume transaction, and they reported thousands (they sell to many book dealers). When I queried on their largest value book transaction, it was reported at $35,000 at auction.


Know Before you Go

Open Daily 11 am – 6 p.m.
Closed Christmas and Thanksgiving
Start at the Main Barn located at 41 West Main Street, Niantic, CT
For curbside pick up and special requests, call 860-739-5715

This is a COVID friendly destination, with many books featured in outside shacks. Dress warmly in cold season so you can comfortably browse.

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