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Blue Moon


Blue Moon

Blue Moon Moon:  On July 31, 2015, we marveled at the Blue Moon above Green HIll Beach, RI.

Blue Moons are are rare & when they happen, you should look up!

If you’re interested in diving deeper into Blue Moons, read this: What’s a Blue Moon?.

It’s been suggested that people make things more complicated than they are, and perhaps a blue moon is a good example. All it means is that you get an EXTRA full moon in a month, which rarely happens.

We already had a full moon in July 2015 and tonight, the last night of the July in 2015 we are getting an EXTRA full moon. With full moons being very spectacular to see, I’d say this is something to celebrate. So, go outside after dinner, look up into the sky, and take wonder at the universe around you. It’s an amazing sight!

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