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Meet Ann Manion

…why I love Rhode Island


I’m a mother of 3 amazing sons who was raised on an apple farm in New York’s beautiful Hudson River Valley. In 2003 I discovered Green Hill and never left. Today I divide my time between MA and RI, surrounded by the love and support of my family.

I started Green Hill Rocks in 2015 because I wanted to tell local stories about things I care about. I’m deeply curious about the world around me. I also have the skills to support individuals and businesses that do good and think big, even when their resources are modest. One thing that makes me happy is sharing stories on what makes Rhode Island the special place we all want to be.

Those that know me see my commitment to Rhode Island Salt Ponds in action. I serve on the board of Salt Ponds Coalition where I’m seeking to ignite the next generation of salt pond protectors. I believe that together we can make a difference. Through my career and volunteerism, my intention is to share resources and stories that educate, inspire & spread news in ways that are helpful & motivate positive change. 

If you’d like to get involved in Green Hill Rocks or are interested in sharing your story content or news here, I offer both donated and #sponsored content opportunities. If interested in either please drop me an email at, or send me a note to me through the contact form on this website.


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