Green Hill, Rhode Island is a quiet private family beach community that greets you like a dear old friend.

About Green Hill Rhode Island

Green Hill Old Beach
Entrance to the Old Beach at Green Hill.

Green Hill is a quiet, private, family beach community that greets you like a dear old friend, cheerfully welcoming you no matter the weather.

You’ll feel calmer the moment you arrive. In Green Hill you’ll discover beauty, tranquility, laughter and generations of families coming together to reconnect on what matters most.

Located in South Kingstown, Rhode Island, the hill itself is green and lush, and slopes down in all directions to beautiful ocean beaches, and Green Hill and Trustom Ponds. Trustom Pond is 800 undeveloped pristine acres managed by the National Wildlife Refuge.

Green Hill Beaches

There is little public parking at Green Hill, so enjoyment of its shorelines remains a mostly private affair. There are three beach areas and their conditions vary widely from rocks to sandy smooth.

Old Green Hill Beach
Old Green Hill Beach

There is the Old Green Hill Beach at the end of Green Hill Avenue. Factors such as tide, wind direction, and storm conditions play a role in whether you will find rocks, sand or a combination of both here. The Green Hill Civic Association cares for this beach.

Middle Beach at Green Hill
Green Hill Middle Beach



The Middle Beach at Green Hill is located at the end of Coast Guard Avenue and features a private parking lot managed by the Hill Association, and two lovely benches to sit upon to enjoy straight-out views of Block Island.


Green Hill Beach
Green Hill Beach

For ocean swimming, there is a public access sand road at the end of Green Hill Beach Road. Many arrive by bicycle or foot. There are a highly limited number of available parking spots (about half a dozen). This area is Green Hill’s most consistent sandy shoreline. Come winter, and when conditions are prime, its a terrific spot to marvel at winter surfers.  There are no public restrooms at Green Hill Beach.

Green Hill Pond

Green Hill Pond Rhode Island
Green Hill Pond

Green Hill Pond is a coastal Salt Pond, located along Rhode Island’s southern shore. It takes a coalition to protect Rhode Island Salt ponds, so please consider Joining Salt Ponds Coalition. The only organization that monitors water quality of Rhode Island’s salt ponds. Green Hill Pond is situated between the communities of South Kingstown & Charlestown in Washington County. The following excerpts partly come from the website lakelubbers.com:

Green Hill Pond is a coastal lagoon shaped by the interaction of coastal processes such as erosion, sediment transport, and gradually rising sea levels. Waters rise and spill into depressions creating estuaries, and as sand accumulates, it forms a beach barrier. The Pond has an average depth of 3 feet. Visitors are welcome to boat, kayak and canoe here. The pond has an irregular shoreline dotted with coves. Unfortunately heavy development has decreased the water quality and the area is now closed for swimming and fishing. The Salt Pond Coalition observes the water quality and monitors its use. Steps are being taken to improve the pond’s water quality and raise awareness on how to protect and preserve the pond.

Hillside Organizations

Green Hill Welcome Garden
Welcome Garden @ Carpenter Drive

There are two Green Hill Associations; the Green Hill Civic Association, where all are encouraged to join! And the Hill Association, whose membership is based on your proximity to the beach. Together they cover a lot of territory, which includes maintaining tennis courts on Green Hill Beach Avenue, a boat launch on Green Hill Pond, a private parking lot for hill only residents, a welcome garden at the entrance of Carpenter Drive, and a lifeguard station at the old beach.



Green Hill Beach Club
Green Hill Beach Club

Another area landmark is The Green Hill Beach Club, a private establishment since 1961. After being hammered by hurricane superstorm Sandy in October 2012, the 1961 original clubhouse collapsed.  It’s been rebuilt and will reopen summer 2016. Club benefits include parking and private beach access, as well as socializing and celebratory traditions that have been enjoyed by members for years.

 A Little Green Hill History

There is so much history on and around the hill. Some Green Hill residents arrived as Charlestown refugees after The 1938 New England Hurricane, to find higher ground and rebuild their lost summer residences. Many were attracted to the more protected green, lush landscape that rolls down the hill to meet the blue of Block Island Sound. The hill’s topography means that many homes enjoy clean ocean breezes on even the hottest of days and abundant clear views of the Atlantic ocean and abutting salt ponds.

Green Hill, Rhode Island is a peaceful place. Visit and you’ll see why those that live here want nothing to change.